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Your Keys to Selection Criteria

Looking for a one-stop-shop for information about working in Australiaís public services?

Are you applying for a job in the Australian Public Service but canít figure out how to go about it?

Do you under-sell yourself due to lack of confidence, reluctance to promote yourself or not having the right words to present what you have to offer?

Are you part of a selection panel but unsure what to do?

Do you need to keep up-to-date with the latest in whatís happening to recruit, select and retain your staff but havenít got time to do the research? has been created to give you the keys to:

  • Unravel the mysteries of applying for public service jobs.
  • Unlock your talent and potential so you can confidently present a convincing case.
  • Unpack research to inform your search for talent.
  • Unveil the myths about selecting staff based on merit.

With separate sections devoted to the needs of applicants and managers/selection panels, youíll find information about workshops, books and CDs, coaching, and free resources such as articlesaudio interviews and news update.

This material is provided by Dr Ann Villiers, Mental Nutritionist and author of national best-seller How to write and talk to selection criteria, the most authoritative resource on selection criteria, now in its fifth edition, with proven results over more than a decade.

These services and free resources direct you to good practice in recruiting and selecting staff, and give you the tools and techniques for increasing your chances of job success in the public service.

New Resources

New resources  available in the Product Store:

How to Write Suitability Statements for Your Dream Job: Job statements and expressions of interest made easy: 5 steps to writing a 2 page statement, 3-part structure, 11 ways to edit for succinctness, illustrative example with analysis (ebook)

Informational Interviewing: How to interview people to inform career decisions: Learn the art of interviewing people about their work. 170 questions under 15 headings across 11 question types. (ebook)

New free resources available in the Product Store, Free resources section:

Selections of the best articles from this website:

  • Preparing for a job interview: 10 great articles
  • Selection Panels: 20 great articles
  • Writing to selection criteria: 10 great article


How to Write and Talk to Selection Criteria receives Highly Commended

in the Non-Fiction section of the ACT Writing and Publishing Awards.

"Judges' comments: The book is a slick, highly readable, professionally designed and competently edited guide to the complicated process of applying for public sector jobs. If there is a better, more helpful, tool around for first time and seasoned applicants, the judges were not aware of it."

e-Career Awards 2008, and 2009-10

Promoting career information excellence on organisations' web sites

Read the awards reports analysing government Career Websites

For an overview of this website, listen to Dr Villiers' audio tour . (MP3 file: 5 mins.)

Selection Criteria

What's New

New article on HR capability frameworks, New free ebook Expect More from 2015 in the Product Store, and Free newsletter about this web site

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