Dr Villiers’ Bio

Dr Ann Villiers is a leading expert in public sector staff selection and retention. Specialising in the sensemaking process, her approach stems from her combined business and public sector management experience, spanning more than 20 years, on both sides of the selection process.

Selecting staff, preparing a job application and performing well at interview are all exercises in sense-making and managing meaning. Selection panels must make sense of the job vacancy, the selection process and what applicants are offering. Applicants must make sense of the job vacancy, the organisation, the process and what they have to offer, both in writing and orally, plus the result of the process.

To perform well, both as an applicant and as a selection panel member, you need to think flexibly, build language practices for confident speaking and make quality connections throughout the selection process.

Author of How to Write and Talk to Selection Criteria, (6th edn.) Ann has presented at conferences and professional association meetings. She coaches individuals so they unlock their potential and grab the keys to greater job success.

Australia’s only Mental Nutritionist®, Dr Villiers is a learning guide and coach, professional speaker and author, specialising in mind and language practices that help people build flexible thinking, confident speaking and quality connections with people. You can learn more Mental Nutrition® at www.mentalnutrition.com.

Dr Ann Villiers pioneered the concept of Mental Nutrition® to capture the essentials of how we manage meaning and make sense of our encounters with people. Being mindful of our thinking and building skills in managing meaning are high-order capabilities vital for both applicants and selection panel members.


PhD, BA (Hons), Dip Ed. Graduate Certificate in Career Development

Certified trainer, Fellow Member CDAA, NLP Practitioner, a graduate of Professor Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology program in Authentic Happiness. Achieved Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) status with National Speakers Association of Australia.


2019, Life Membership, Career Development Association of Australia

2015, President’s Award for Professional Leadership, Career Development Association of Australia

Professional memberships:

  • Fellow, Career Development Association of Australia

Conference and meeting presentations:

  • 2019, Integrating financial literacy via 25 ways to boost your income, CDAA National Conference, Canberra
  • 2018, Understanding the pitch approach to job applications and what this means for your career, Indigenous Career Management Workshop, Canberra
  • 2018, 25 ways to boost your income, CDAA ACT Spring Workshop, Canberra
  • 2018, Reflecting on career practitioners’ role in identifying values, CDAA ACT Private Practitioners Meeting, Canberra
  • 2018, Three factors to help you stand out from the crowd, Masterclass, Australian Institute of Office Professionals, Canberra
  • 2017, Career practitioners as sense makers: practical skills, uncomfortable questions, Keynote presentation, CDAA National Conference, Brisbane
  • 2017, How to write pitches for APS Jobs, CDAA National Conference, Brisbane
  • 2017, How to write pitches for APS jobs, CDAA ACT
  • 2015, How to write and sell ebooks that support clients and grow your business, 50 ways to present, train and emcee with elegance, poise and engagement, CDAA Tasmania
  • 2015, 50 ways to present, train and emcee with elegance, poise and engagement, CDAA ACT
  • 2015, Essential know-how for public speakers, Webinar, CDAA
  • 2015, 50 Ways to present, train and emcee with elegance, poise and engagement, CDAA National Conference, Perth
  • 2014, Practitioner business models: Stories of change, CDAA National Conference, Adelaide
  • 2014, Contributor to Get into the ‘Write’ mind: How to successfully contribute to the ACP magazine and improve your practitioner profile, CDAA National Conference, Adelaide
  • 2013, How to write and sell ebooks that support clients and grow your business, ACT Division, CDAA, Canberra
  • 2013, How to write and sell ebooks that support clients and grow your business, CDAA National Conference, Sydney
  • 2013, Three tools to capture clients’ strengths, NCDA National Conference, Boston, Mass. USA
  • 2012, Co emcee, CDAA National Conference, Canberra
  • 2011, Three tools to capture clients’ strengths, CDAA International Conference, Cairns
  • 2010, Five selection criteria rresponse strategies to help clients make a difference, National Career Conference, CDAA,  Adelaide
  • 2010, Managing transitions in a professional speaking career, National Convention, National Speakers Association of Australia, April, Gold Coast
  • 2009, Forum Moderator, AIM Your Career forums, Australian Institute of Management
  • 2009, Preparing a job application, Career Development Week, ACT Library
  • 2009, Forum Moderator, Career development coaching, ACT Division CDAA
  • 2008, Forum Moderator, AIM Your Career forums, Australian Institute of Management
  • 2005, Australian Health Promotion Association, 15th National Conference, Building better thinking skills to foster wellbeing
  • 2004, National Speakers Association of Australia, 14th National Convention, Boosting your Business Courage
  • 2003, Nursing Leadership – cutting to the core Conference, Nursing Leaders as Sense-Makers

Leadership roles:

  • Chair, Public Affairs Committee, Career Development Association of Australia, 2013 – 2015
  • National Executive Committee, Career Development Association of Australia,  2012 – 2015
  • Secretary, Career Development Association of Australia, ACT Division, 2012
  • President, Career Development Association of Australia, ACT Division, 2010-2012
  • Executive Committee, Career Development Association Australia of Australia, ACT Division, 2008-2009
  • HR Committee, YWCA of Canberra, 2009 – 2011
  • President, ACT Chamber of Women in Business, 2004-06
  • Board member and Finance Committee member, YWCA of Canberra, 2002-04



  • How to Write and Talk to Selection Criteria (6th edn.)
  • Gorgeous Daring Dames, How to grow in confidence, clarity & commitment


  •  Grandparents’ guide to career learning for kids
  • Hate boring conferences? Turn your draft conference proposal into a must-have, must-attend drawcard
  • How to apply for APS Graduate Programs
  • How to write and talk to selection criteria (6th edn.)
  • Job statements and expressions of interest made easy: How to write quality suitability statements
  • Informational Interviewing: How to interview people to inform career decisions
  • A Manager’s Guide to Career Conversations
  • Winning Performance at Job Interviews
  • 101 Ways to erode trust in public sector recruiting
  • Tips from career practitioners, in collaboration with the Career Development Association of Australia

Audio MP3s

  • A Six Pack on Selling Yourself
  • 101 Interview Questions


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