50 confidence building affirmations

Affirmations are based on understanding that every thought we have has an impact, either limiting us or expanding our potential.

One way to keep ourselves on track, build confidence, reinforce new meanings and replace some of the inner voice’s downers is to use affirmations. They are self-instructions that focus on the positive end result.


  • are short, succinct, written statements.
  • are written in the first person.
  • state what we want as if we already have it.
  • may include emotional description to make the statements more powerful.

You can build confidence by using affirmations to support your goals, and to stay positive and focused. Use them to change the way you think and behave. Here’s how to develop useful affirmations.

Think of an area you wish to support with affirmations. It might be confidence. The task is to write seven affirmations on a card to carry with you, and/or place on a wall, so you’ll see them often. The number isn’t so important. Seven is simply a number to start with.

One way to start the writing is to use sentences starting with: ‘I am …’

Be careful about the wording. They need to be written in the positive. Not, ‘I don’t fear changing careers’ but ‘I move into my new career with confidence.’ ‘I am learning more about my computer’ rather than ‘I won’t let that computer beat me!’

They need to be written in the present tense rather than the future. Not, ‘I will change my job’ but ‘A new job is waiting me for’ or ‘ I’m actively seeking a new job.’

Make them strong. ‘I am full of abundant confidence about my new direction’ rather than ‘I’m heading in a new direction.’

Repeat your affirmations several times a day, preferably out loud. Say them with gusto! This process helps install a useful mindset to build your confidence.

Keep in mind that affirmations need to be supported by action. Repeating ‘I move into my new career with confidence’ will make little difference if you don’t take any steps to change careers!

Here’s 50 affirmations to choose from or help you form your own.

  1. I’m  wise and adventurous.
  2. I’m overflowing with energy.
  3. There’s abundant opportunities waiting for me.
  4.  I am committed to my goals.
  5. I walk tall.
  6. I work with abundant enthusiasm.
  7. I’m a successful businessperson operating a thriving business.
  8. My body is achieving peak condition.
  9. My life overflows with wealth.
  10. I respect and accept myself.
  11. I live with joy and commitment.
  12. I recognise the power of my thoughts.
  13. I love using the power of choice.
  14. I face my fears and learn from them.
  15. Mistakes are my apprenticeships.
  16. I follow my inner drum beat.
  17. I use my time wisely.
  18. My life is an exciting adventure.
  19. Each day I learn more about how to achieve my goals.
  20. There’s enough time for everything I need.
  21. I act with courage and confidence.
  22. I love and nurture myself.
  23. I take action that moves me forward.
  24. I willingly explore the unknown.
  25. I expand my familiar world by tapping the unfamiliar.
  26. I seek clarity.
  27. Centred and powerful, I live my values.
  28. I am more than I am demonstrating.
  29. I choose to think only the best thoughts.
  30. I know there are magnificent possibilities within myself.
  31. I believe in me.
  32. I am wonderfully healthy.
  33. I choose to be the best that I can be.
  34. I welcome positive, new ideas.
  35. I feed my conscious mind with positive, inspiring words.
  36. I prepare thoroughly for things that matter.
  37. I deserve to achieve my goals.
  38. I focus on the good aspects of every person, place and thing.
  39. I look for the good that can come from a situation.
  40. I’m responsible for who I am.
  41. I take great care of my body.
  42. I value my physical activity time.
  43. I’m a doer-I love taking action.
  44. I have faith in my own opinions and make up my own mind.
  45. I have good ideas and make useful contributions.
  46. I have complete faith that I will achieve my goals.
  47. I feed my mind daily.
  48. I ardently pursue my goals because they’re so exciting.
  49. I look for the good in people close to me.
  50. I invest time carefully.
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Dr Ann Villiers, career coach, writer and author, is Australia’s only Mental Nutritionist specialising in mind and language practices that help people build flexible thinking, confident speaking and quality connections with people.