How to Write and Talk to Selection Criteria 7 – PDF eBook

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How to Write and Talk to Selection Criteria (7th edn.) – eBook (PDF) 2021

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Dr Ann Villiers

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Revised and updated, this new digital edition prepares a public sector applicant to handle two significant changes in job application processes.

The first is the shift to primarily asking for pitches and statements of claims. This shift means applicants accustomed to writing responses to selection criteria or capabilities must learn a new way of writing. A job application is now more a marketing exercise, explaining how what you have to offer will make a difference in a particular role and organisation.

The second change relates to shifts in employee skill demands and working arrangements. Public sector employees are increasingly needing skills and knowledge relating to digital literacy, risk management, leadership capabilities, social interaction and cross-boundary collaboration. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on Australia’s economy and workforce, changing how people work.

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